Pamela S. Murowchick

Director of Laboratory Operations

Mrs. Murowchick hasĀ 20 years of experience performing applied research in the aerosol sciences, including sampler development and testing, aerosol test chambers and flow systems, inert particle testing, ambient aerosols, fugitive dust, and analytical methods.

As the Director of Laboratory Operations at AlburtyLab, she directs and coordinates laboratory testing that has included evaluations of biosensor technologies for monitoring microorganisms and a novel liquid-to-liquid concentrator originally developed at AlburtyLab. She is responsible for the development of laboratory Standard Operating Procedures, maintenance and calibration of laboratory instrumentation, and training of laboratory personnel. In addition, she serves as a technical lead by preparing test plans, developing testing protocols, reducing test data and preparing final test reports. She is an expert with most current aerosol monitoring methods and systems.

Previous to joining AlburtyLab, she served on the staff at Midwest Research Institute (MRI) in Kansas City, MO, where she provided engineering support for projects that included incinerator trial burns, test protocol development, and test monitoring systems. She specialized in the evaluation of bioaerosol sampler performance, performing ambient air sampling and point source testing.

During her 18 years at MRI, Ms. Murowchick displayed great versatility in applying her engineering knowledge to a diverse range of projects. In the area of applied aerosol science, she has evaluated biosensor technologies for monitoring biological warfare agents; performed inert particle testing to evaluate sampler performance; and performed particle generation by Vibrating Orifice Aerosol Generator and other methods. Project experience relating to particulate emissions has included a DARPA study to characterize particle-size distribution and concentration in plumes generated by low-flying airframes.

In addition, Ms. Murowchick has performed work in the area of regulatory and public affairs. Such experience has included auditing trial burn reports for testing performed at the chemical demilitarization facility in Utah, preparing responses to state agency comments on trial burn reports, and assisting the EPA in developing the BIF regulation, specifically HCl and THC emissions.

Ms. Murowchick has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.