Aerosol Wind Tunnel

70 MPH Reversible Aerosol Wind Tunnel

  • The wind tunnel motor, fan, and controls are configured to allow the airflow to be reversed, if desired. Speeds up to 90 MPH are briefly attainable; speeds of 70 MPH (31 m/s; 60 knots) can be sustained as needed.
  • The wind tunnel test chamber cross section is 31″ x 43″ when used for low speed testing. For high speed testing, a reducer is used to attach a 20″ x 20″ cross section insert. This configuration was used to conduct aerosol collection efficiency sampling during prototyping and design validation for samplers to be mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).
  • For use as a test chamber, the ends of the chamber are closed off by high efficiency air filters. This allows the air in the chamber to be quickly purged and filtered simply by running the wind tunnel fan at low speed.
  • Monodisperse particles are made using a TSI vibrating orifice aerosol generator (VOAG), and monitored using a TSI aerodynamic particle sizer. An additional injection port allows two VOAGs or other aerosol generators to be used at the same time. This configuration allows multiple sizes or types of particles to be aerosolized simultaneously in the system, or allows a higher concentration of particles to be generated than can be produced with one VOAG.
  • Reference filters are used to collect samples for confirmation of aerosol concentrations and evenness of dispersion. Isokinetic probes are attached to the reference filters and positioned around the test article for aerosol confirmation at different wind speeds.