Our Expertise

Independent Full Service Testing Facility
Includes an Aerosol Wind Tunnel

Let us assist you in developing and improving your product. Our Aerosol Laboratory staff are dedicated to their science and use a combination of computer aided design, computational fluid dynamics, and laboratory hardware to assist our customers during the design, confirmation testing, product improvement, and validation stages of pre production. The laboratories include a fully instrumented reversible aerosol wind tunnel, aerosol chamber, wet chemistry, and microbiology facilities.

Custom Engineering
We custom-design and build stainless steel aerosol test systems including PITT-3 type dry powder aerosol generators and custom test platforms.

AlburtyLab engineers can build successful aerosol handling instrumentation in virtual space through computer modeling. We can help you save valuable time by anticipating and solving potential problems by modeling your aerosol systems before they are built. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, a powerful addition to computer aided design (CAD), is used to predict the behavior of an aerosol sampler or flow system before building hardware. CFD can also be used to diagnose difficulties and optimize existing aerosol systems.

We are a distributor forĀ VNE Stainless, Inc.
PleaseĀ contact us if we can help design and build a system for you.

Active Research and Development
AlburtyLab conducts ongoing research centered on aerosol and hydrosol concentration, particle sorting, and background suppression/detection contrast improvement.